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"The Human Briar"   40 " x 60"


All work available internationally at the saatchiart website: http://www.saatchiart.com/artventi

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www.artistinfo.co.uk   based in the United Kingdom

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Recent events:


NOA Gallery non profit artist group. United Kingdom.


September: B G Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica. CA

July: LA Muncipal Art Gallery, Barnsdall Park, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

May:  Venice Art Walk and Auctions, Benefit for Venice Family Clinic. CA

April: Santa Monica Art Museum Incognito 2015

Lee County Alliance for the Arts. Fort Myers,FL. represented by Aleatoric Art Gallery

                       Media: Predominantly colour pencils, Copic markers/ paint wash underlayer, lasceaux finishing spray, on 100% rag paper. Images are amorphic shapes, gracefully moving or motionless.

                             The entire surface of the paper is covered with intensely detailed work. Each piece takes three to four months to complete. The compositions appear dream like.

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 Move To Joy     40" x 60"



         I Remember Life  50" x 38"




           The Doing of the Undone 27" x 54" (SOLD)


                     Under the Shadow of Mortality (SOLD) (sold)


             Thoughts Above the Trees 37" x 53" 2013. The Myth of Hope Series


           The New Requiem      (SOLD)



                     Spatial Colony of the Inner Landscape     34" x 51.5



                       Engaged in Metamorphesis 36" x 36"  



Beauty Be My Soul (2012) 27" x 77" Available at Hale Arts Space, Santa Monica, CA


     Underside of Up 50" x 36"  (SOLD)

Red Scene 30" x 70"       Limited Edition of 5 available


Sunset in a Portion of our Lives   21.5" x 48"  (SOLD)   limited edition of 5 available                                

VIDEOS: Peripherals 1-4 You Tube link  click for link    more Peripherals videos


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   Last man on Earth 36" x 84"


Slow Movers 29" x 83"

Heart of Humanity (SOLD)

          Framed by Universal Framers

     Lincoln Blvd. Venice







The Order of Chaos 27" x 85"


The Middle Side 30" x 80" (SOLD)


World of Motion 2 28" x 87"

2009  (left) World of Motion

One of the earliest drawings in the series. What better place to start with than the Surrealists. An homage to Magritte, Salvador Dali, Yves Tanguy and Jean Cocteau. This generation of mind expansion on canvas and film, and the written word; filled with visual and romantic notions that drew me in like a moth to a flame.


Limited Editions of selected work available at www.intrinsiceditions.com


Hale Art Space show 2013 reviewed by Juri Koll in the Huffington Post

A selection of many features in Saatchi Art articles and collections:

Walk The Line Drawing Collection (June 2013)

"Exquisite and Expressive" Rebecca Wilson director of Saatchi On Line wrote this in describing Art Venti's work. June 2012 California Dreaming Collection and Surrealist Collection"Underside of Up".

Work can be viewed and purchased in the USA at Hale Art Space, and B and G Gallery, Bergamot Station. Both in Santa Monica, CA. or internationally at SaatchiArt (see Purchase Info)



     Art Venti is now based in the UK. His studio is in Bromley, Kent.

Contact info: artventi@yahoo.com or jfoxventi@gmail.com

mobil telephone, call Jen at 07484757180

 critic Peter Frank at the studio